We're out to level the playing field

Why Meyer, Shaffer & Stepans?

All too often the system rewards those with the most money or friends. Big companies aren’t afraid of a lawsuit—to them it’s just the cost of doing business. We practice law and sue big companies because we think that’s bulls***.

We take the hard cases.

We believe in the adage that most things worth doing are hard.  

Representing people whose lives have been upended by big corporations is hard and often expensive. Most lawyers don’t want to take the risk of spending hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars on a case with an uncertain outcome. At Meyer, Shaffer & Stepans, that is what we do. If you have been hurt or wronged and justice isn’t being done, we’ll work with you even if the case is difficult, the cost of litigation is high, and the outcome is unclear.

We know this game.

We are dedicated to representing people who don’t have power.

We truly believe in the core, founding principles of this country—that everyone is equal under the law and deserves to be treated fairly. Unfortunately, years of experience has shown us that is not always how it works. That is where we come in. We’re focused on making that right. We’ve dedicated our practice, and our lives, to giving everyone a fair shake.

We know you.

If you are looking for a lawyer, it is because you have been harmed and need help making it right.

The legal system can be a very powerful tool. It can also be scary and the long wait to know whether you’ll ever see justice is difficult. Filing a lawsuit doesn’t make you whole again, and it doesn’t pay the bills or get you the care you need. We’re here for you from day one, inside the courtroom and out.

You are your own person, and the challenges in your life aren’t quite like anyone else’s. We understand that, and we’re dedicated to understanding you, your situation, and what you need.