Catastrophic burn injuries and hiring the right law firm.

Hiring the right law firm is the single most important decision for the future of any oil or gas explosion victim. But most of us don’t know how to find the right lawyers.

Asking the right questions.

If you have been severely burned in an oil and gas accident there are a series of questions you must ask before hiring a lawyer:

Who are the experts you work with?

Oil and gas explosion cases require the use of experts in a variety of fields. Whoever you hire must have established relationships with a wide range of experts.

Modern oil and gas facilities are dangerous and complex. Your lawyer will need to hire oil and gas production engineers who understand the applicable safety rules and the technical details of how the facilities work.

Burn injuries are unique and require very specialized care for the remainder of the victim’s life. Your lawyer will need to hire burn doctors and life care planners who have significant experience treating burn injuries.

Do you have the money to invest in my case?

Litigation against the biggest oil and gas companies in the world is expensive, often costing hundreds of thousands of dollars. The lawyer you hire must have the money and willingness to invest it in your case. You should not hire a lawyer who is not willing to spend what it takes to hire the best experts and prepare your case for trial.

Have you done this before?

The defendants in oil and gas explosion cases are the largest corporations in the world, with endless resources. Having an experienced team on your side is critical to winning in this arena. Before hiring a lawyer, you need to find out how many oil and gas explosion cases he or she has handled and you should ask to speak with former clients to ensure you are getting the lawyer you deserve.