Who you hire is very important

A fight against a big company is not a short, easy thing.


ou and your legal team are going to be in the trenches—working together for a very long time. Most people don’t realize how important this choice is, and many of our clients have come to us after being disappointed with the level of care and attention they were getting from a previous lawyer.

You don’t have an infinite supply of money and time. The company you’re up against does. We have a lot to say about that, but please call and talk to several other attorneys before you hire us, or anyone else. You need to know that your lawyer has the financial resources, relationships, and experience to win big battles.

Areas of Practice

Serious Injury & Accidents Corporate Negligence And Malfeasance

Personal injury cases are not limited to events causing physical injuries and can include injury to your earning capacity, reputation, credit rating, and emotional health. Our law firm focuses on the following areas of personal injury practice:

Oil Field Accidents

The oil and gas industry is one of the most dangerous working environments in the world. Explosions and catastrophic burn injuries are all life changing events and all too common.  

In 2016 the most common injury in the oil and gas industry was amputation. These injuries are nearly always the result of oil and gas companies that overlook safety precautions in order to save money. These oil and gas companies know that people will be hurt or killed when they cut corners.  

Abuse of Trust or Authority

When you visit someone who holds themselves out as a professional you trust that he or she is qualified and will follow proper protocols. Whether it is an accountant, a lawyer, or a doctor, we all trust that the professionals we hire are competent and dedicated to working hard for us. When they don’t, they have violated their duty to you and it can have devastating consequences.  

Insurance Issues

All of us pay insurance companies real money in exchange for their promise to show up and be there when it goes bad. We only need insurance at our lowest points because it means something bad has happened and needs to be fixed. So, your insurance company screws around and refuses to pay what they promised we know that it inevitably comes at the worst possible time. The insurance company works for you. When they are failing you, when things have gone bad and this is the only time you need them, the insurance companies deserve to be punished and that is what we work towards and love to do. 

Civil Rights Discrimination 

All workers have a right to fair and safe treatment in their workplace. Discrimination, unsafe working conditions, harassment, and retaliation for reporting unsafe/unfair conditions are unfortunately common but unacceptable issues that arise at work. You have an absolute right not to be discriminated against, harassed or abused at your place of work.

Sexual Assault & Sexual Harassment

The statistics are staggering: One out of every six American women has been the victim of an attempted or completed assault, and over half of all American women have experienced sexual harassment in their lives. Two of every three of those assaults go unreported to the police and an overwhelming amount of these incidents occur at the hands of people who hold power over them.

At Meyer, Shaffer & Stepans we strive to ensure that everyone’s voice is heard. We understand that reporting sexual assault or harassment can be extremely taxing and can come at a heavy emotional and physical cost to those who have been wronged.

Our experience in helping our clients navigate the legal system through these situations means that even though the reasons for delayed reporting are deeply personal to each individual, we understand those reasons have nothing to do with whether the abuse actually occurred.  We are passionate about advocating for those who have been wronged, making sure their voices are heard, and creating the change that needs to occur in today’s society.